The desert scents way  

Growing up on the shores of the Indian ocean, Oud/Bakhoor burning was part of our daily ritual. Every home used to burn oud/ bakhoor in the morning to energize the living spaces in our homes and setting up the mood for the rest of day. While burning Frankincense in the evening, helped remove the negative energy and introduce an atmosphere of relaxation.  

Elevate your life and reduce your stress with our assortment of oud scents and body care products. All of our products are designed to reduce stress, elevate your mood and enhance your way of life.  

While traditionally Oud/ Bakhoor tends to have heady and intensely musky scents, we designed Baitul Oud scents to be milder and more tolerable by a majority of people.  

We aim to translate romance of the old world into fresh scents that blend seamlessly into modern day life. Our products are all derived from natural ingredients and hand made in the USA.

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